Online Dance Classes to Get You on Your Feet in 2024

Dancing is a fun, engaging way to get fit, improve your sense of rhythm, and learn new, creative ways to move. If you are interested in learning how to dance, no matter what style it is, online dance classes can be a great fit for you and your lifestyle. With an online dance class, you can learn anything from beginner ballet to advanced hip hop or belly dancing, right from the comfort and ease of your own home.

Deciding which online dance class to choose can be challenging, which is why we’re here to help! We’ve complied the best online dance classes out there and reviewed them all, so you can browse the list, get the facts, and find the one that excites you the most. Read on to learn all about online dances classes and the many ways they can get you moving.

Why Try Out an Online Dance Class?

If you want to start learning dance, but aren’t too sure about heading straight to a dance studio, an online dance class might be perfect for you. The flexibility of online dance classes allows you to practice the moves at your own pace, moving as fast or as slowly as you need to. If you are especially shy about dancing, online classes can help you build up your dance confidence in the comfort of your own home before you bring your skills out into the open.

Additionally, many online dance classes are cheaper than their in-person counterparts and can often be a better value, especially when a one-time purchase allows you long-term access to course modules and other exercises.

What Should You Look For in an Online Dance Class?

These factors are extremely important in helping you decide which online dance class is the best one for you.

Style of Dance Taught

A very important thing to think about when looking for an online dance class, you should know what style of dance you want to learn. We will discuss how to choose a style of dance more later on, but for now, you should know that the most popular styles of dance commonly taught online are hip hop, belly dance, ballet, tap, jazz, and breakdancing.

Who Are You Learning From?

The teachers of whichever dance class you choose are integral in helping you develop your skills and improving upon your moves. Teachers for online dance classes range from professional, certified instructors, to experienced and highly skilled award-winning dancers. We will be listing the type of teacher in our reviews so you can factor in the experience of the teacher as part of your course decision.

Resources Needed for the Class

Some online dance classes require you to have a lot of space available for movement, while some only require a small amount. You may also be required to wear certain outfits, like in this belly dance class, or have a certain set of dance shoes. Most classes will list what is required for best results so you can review your existing materials and what you might need to purchase before enrolling in the course.

Your Dance Experience Level

Your current dance experience level is important to consider when choosing an online dance class. You want to be sure that you don’t accidentally enroll in something that will be too advanced for your level, or you won’t be able to learn as much, and you also want to ensure that you don’t end up in a class that is too far below your skill level, as little improvement will be made in advancing your dance skills.

Online dance classes range from absolute beginner to advanced levels, with some courses offering all levels, allowing you to work your way through them.

Online Dance Course Pricing

Online dance course pricing can range widely. Some classes are offered on a one-time purchase basis, and that purchase gives you life-long access to the course. Other services are offered on a monthly subscription basis, giving you access to all aspects of the course as long as you are paying the monthly fee.

We will include this distinction in our reviews and we will be categorizing courses priced at 20 dollars and under as budget, between 20 and 75 dollars as mid-range, and everything above 75 dollars as a premium course.

Top 10 Best Online Dance Classes 2024

1. The Best for Beginner Hip Hop: Udemy’s Hip Hop Dance for Beginners

  • Lifetime access, 11.5 hours of video Premium Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Hip Hop
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Dancer Emeroy Bernardo
  • Resources Needed: Medium sized space, comfortable clothing
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner

Why we like it

This beginning hip hop class is great for learning the fundamentals of hip hop movement and improving your dance confidence.

Complete Review

Perfect for lovers of hip hop dance, this course is taught by professional dancer Emeroy Bernardo; he has extensive experience working with international dance companies and performing, and brings his sense of movement to this course. Students are able to benefit from his step by step teaching methods, allowing them to fully absorb the movements while practicing on their own.

This course is constantly updated, which is a bonus for students. Purchasing the course gives you lifetimes access, and with new dances and movements being uploaded on a regular basis, this adds extra value to the course. In addition to the 11.5 hours of video available, a certificate of completion is offered.

Another positive about this class is how Emeroy Bernardo teaches you performance ready moves. He also helps students improve their confidence and performance appearance in his course, which is great for first-time dancers who may be a little bit nervous about unveiling their moves in public.


  • Great for absolute beginners
  • Constantly updated course material
  • Teaches students how to be performance ready
  • Certificate of completion offered


  • Not useful for anyone with dance experience
  • Premium cost when not on sale

2. The Best for Ballroom Aficionados: Udemy’s Learn Salsa in 5 Hours

  • Lifetime access, 5 hours of video Mid-Range Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Ballroom, Salsa
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Salsa Instructor OnSean Zion
  • Resources Needed: Medium-sized space, high heels (for women), optional partner
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner or Intermediate

Why we like it

Perfect for lovers of ballroom, this basic salsa dance class will have you dancing confidently in no time at all.

Complete Review

Taught by an instructor renowned for his unique and ground-breaking dance style, this salsa dancing course is the perfect introduction to any lover of ballroom or the salsa style. The course is well-suited for beginners to the style or to intermediate dancers who want to learn something new. While this course can be taken individually, some of the later, more advanced steps do involve a partner, so this might not be the best course if you are looking for something you can comfortably perform solo at all times.

This course only has 5 hours of video included, and while that may seem short, it is the perfect amount of time to learn and become comfortable with the salsa basics. It is a good choice for you if you want to learn how to dance, but don’t want to commitment to a much longer course. In addition to the videos, there are multiple downloadable resources available that will help you keep up your study of the dance.

Additionally, women are recommended to dance in heels, something that can be uncomfortable for first-time learners, or any dancer who has never had experience in ballroom dance with heels.


  • Experienced instructor provides clear instructions
  • Course has good pacing and is not too long
  • Designed to get you dancing in public, confidently


  • May require the use of a partner for some moves
  • Recommends dancing in heels

3. The Best for Belly Dance: Udemy’s Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide From A to Z

  • Lifetime access, 17.5 hours of video Mid-Range Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Belly Dance
  • Dance Teachers: Award-Winning Instructor Iana Komarnytska
  • Resources Needed: Small-sized space, comfortable clothes that expose the stomach
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner or Intermediate

Why we like it

Guiding students from beginning belly dance techniques to more advanced ones, this course is great for both new and experienced belly dance students.

Complete Review

This comprehensive course is taught by award-winning belly dance instructor Iana Komarnytska. She guides students from the first steps of learning how to belly dance, teaching fundamentals and basic movements, and then gradually increases the difficulty to more intermediate movements. Students who need a refresher on their technique and students who have never belly danced before can both benefit from this course.

This course is also a great option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space. There is not too much area required to learn belly dance, so if you are trying to learn from a small apartment or a bedroom, you won’t have issues with this course.

The goal of this dance class is to get you comfortable with belly dance techniques, able to start choregraphing your own belly dance routines, and performing with confidence. In addition to dance instruction videos, instructor Iana provides students with classes covering belly dance costumes and props, performance techniques, and the cultural environment of the dance.


  • Focuses heavily on building up fundamental movements
  • Covers important belly dance performance and costume information
  • Great for dancers who only have a small space


  • Intensive course that may be too long for some

4. The Best for Experienced Hip Hop Dancers: The Complete MEGA JAM Hip Hop Dance Class

  • Lifetime access, 3 hours of video Mid-Range Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Hip Hop
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Dancer Jasmine Meakin
  • Resources Needed: Medium to large-sized space, comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate or Advanced

Why we like it

Great for experienced dancers, this course can help you improve on your basic skills and start dancing with more advanced techniques.

Complete Review

Designed for students who have danced before, this course focuses on building on basic and fundamental hip hop skills. The instructor, professional dancer Jasmine Meakin, teaches students using her specific street hip hop style; the style blends hip hop and street jazz to provide students with a unique, fresh dancing style.

The instructor of this course teaches it facing a mirror, so students will be able to follow along behind her as if they were in the course in-person. Not only does this help with learning and memorizing the dance moves, it can help students understand them easier, as both instructor and student are facing the same direction. If you are wary about online dance courses, this one may be the best option for you because of this teaching style.

This course can be challenging if you haven’t had any prior dance experience. For intermediate learners, the course is estimated to be fully mastered in between 6 and 9 hours; it is fairly paced and able to be slowed down and replayed for maximum learning efficiency.


  • Great for experienced dancers to build up their skills
  • Teaches a unique style of street hip hop
  • Instruction is given facing a mirror for easy learning
  • Good for first-time online dance learners


  • The moves can be challenging for dancers with no experience
  • You need a medium to larger sized space to practice in

5. The Best for Jazz Lovers: Udemy’s 20 Moves in 20 Days: Beginning Jazz Dance

  • Lifetime access, 2.5 hours of video Budget Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Jazz
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Dancer Lindsey Dinneen
  • Resources Needed: Medium-sized space, optional jazz shoes
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner

Why we like it

This budget priced course is the perfect introduction into jazz dancing for new dancers or experienced ones looking to learn a new move.

Complete Review

Jazz dance is a unique style that involves a lot of strengthening and flexibility of the body. This course is great for new dancers who want to start learning the basics of jazz dance and improving their overall fitness levels. The instructor of the class, professional dancer Lindsey Dinneen instructs students both on movement and on how to start learning dance without causing injury.

This course is perfect for any dancer of any fitness level, and the instructor makes sure to go over the movements slowly for ease of learning. Dancers are encouraged to wear jazz shoes if available, but are able to wear socks if that is more comfortable or if you don’t have access to purchasing jazz shoes. Everything about this course is designed to be comfortable and accessible for even the newest of learners, making it a great choice for someone who is more nervous about taking a dance class.

Intermediate learners or experienced dancers will find this course too basic, so if you are looking for a course that offers more advanced levels of jazz classes, we recommend looking at something like Dancio instead.


  • Great basic movement course
  • Tailored to be accessible to any fitness level
  • Course goes over each jazz movement in detail for learning ease


  • Not the best choice for any experienced dancer
  • Jazz shoes are recommended for best practice

6. The Best for Variety: CLI Studios – Level up Your Dancing

  • Full access with yearly subscription Budget Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Large variety of dance styles to learn
  • Dance Teachers: Assorted Professional and Awarded Choreographers
  • Resources Needed: Small to large-sized space, comfortable clothing, optional mirror
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why we like it

A yearly subscription with CLI studios will give you access to a large variety of dance classes at all experience levels.

Complete Review

The yearly subscription to CLI Studios provides students with full access to over 800 online dance courses. These courses range in age level, with some targeted towards younger dancers and others targeted towards adult learners, and offers a large variety of dance styles to learn from. Each dance style also has multiple classes at different experience levels, truly allowing you to start from scratch and improve your skills to an advanced level.

The instructors at CLI Studios are an assortment of professional and awarded choreographers from around the globe. Classes are given in a studio like setting which provides the immersion an in-person class would have, while still allowing you to pause, slow down, and repeat movements until you have them mastered.

The subscription to this service is only 8 dollars a monthly, but it is billed yearly. This can be a drawback for someone who isn’t too sure about commitment to a year of dance classes; fortunately, there is a free trial period to help you make your decision.

Additionally, you may need a mirror at home to practice some of your moves, especially in the more advanced dance classes, which can be a drawback for those with not a lot of free space.


  • Large variety of dance styles to learn
  • Experience level can be beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • Classes offer full studio immersion experience
  • Award-winning choreographers from around the globe


  • Subscription is billed yearly
  • A mirror may be required to master some moves

7. The Best for Experimentation: Steezy Studios – Step-By-Step Learning for All Levels

  • Full access with monthly or yearly subscription Budget Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Hip hop, K-Pop, Krump, Jazz Funk, House, Dancehall
  • Dance Teachers: Assorted Professional and Awarded Choreographers
  • Resources Needed: Small to large-sized space, comfortable clothing, optional heels
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why we like it

Whether you’re new or experienced to dancing, but you really want to experiment with styles, Steezy Studios is the place to learn from.

Complete Review

Steezy studios is an online dance course service similar to CLI Studios. However, Steezy Studios offers several dance styles that are more experimental and less traditional; the service is perfect for a new or experienced dancer that wants to try out unique styles and see if there is anything they fall in love with.

Dance lessons offered at Steezy range from hip hop, to K-pop dances, to jazz funk and house. There are also lessons that are designed to help you learn how to dance in high heels and a series of lectures designed to help you learn how to choreograph your own dances, gain confidence when performing, and develop your own dance style. It is a great choice for learners who want to learn movements and gain inspiration for creating their own dances.

Some of the dance lessons offered at Steezy can be a little too advanced for more experienced learners. Additionally, some of the classes covering performance advice can be a little too basic for those who have been dancing for years.


  • Great for experimenting with dance styles
  • Can be billed either monthly or yearly
  • Classes can be taken at all levels of experience
  • Unique dance classes offerings, such as K-Pop or dancing in heels


  • Performance advice might be too basic for experienced dancers
  • Need to make a monthly or yearly commitment to join

8. The Best for Breakdance: Udemy’s Your Official Breakdance Fundamentals Course

  • Lifetime access, 8.5 hours of video Premium Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Breakdance
  • Dance Teachers: Dancer Henrae C
  • Resources Needed: Large-sized space, comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Why we like it

The Official Breakdance Fundamentals Course is perfect for beginners to the style of intermediate learners looking to brush up on their skills.

Complete Review

Offering students the chance to learn the basics of breakdancing, instructor and professional dancer Henrae C takes students through a step by step of breakdancing. The fundamentals of this dance styles are incredibly important to get right, and this course recognizes that importance, taking students through each movement slowly and with clear explanation.

In addition to the 8.5 hours of video provided in this course, it comes with a downloadable resource to help you keep studying and a 30-day learning schedule, intended to target and direct your practice for the maximum mastery of skills. Learners who need a little more structure in their online dance courses will likely benefit greatly from this.

This course does have a more premium price, but there are a lot of movements included in the lesson plans. Students will also learn how to strengthen their body and build on their movements, so by the end of the course they can be performing their first breakdance moves with confidence.


  • Perfect for absolute breakdance beginners
  • Focuses on the important fundamentals of breakdance
  • Includes a 30-day learning schedule for extra structure
  • Students will learn how to build on their basic movements


  • Not the best for advanced break-dancers
  • Requires a larger sized space for movement

9. The Best for Dance Fitness: The Ballet Spot

  • Pay per class or class package Budget to Premium Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Ballet
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Ballet Dancers
  • Resources Needed: Medium to large-sized space, optional ballet clothing and shoes
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Why we like it

Focusing on dance inspired fitness classes, this service is perfect for anyone learning dance in order to stay in shape.

Complete Review

Providing classes at a range of prices, The Ballet Spot focuses on teaching ballet with elements of fitness to it. Students will be able to combine their love of dance and cardio or stretching, and use it to improve upon their health and learn a few new moves. Most classes are priced per class at a fairly budget rate, but if you decide to take private lessons or want to have individual dance classes with an instructor, you will end up paying a more premium price.

This set of online classes is perfect for those who want to be fit, but not the best for anyone who is trying to seriously learn ballet and work on building up fundamental dance movements. They do offer limited classes focusing just on dance, but most of their other classes have more of a cardio or other fitness element to it.

All classes online are taught by professional ballet dancers, and students even have the option of enrolling in a live class, so they can learn simultaneously, giving them a more in-person class feel from the comfort of their own practice space.


  • Livestream classes or access class recordings
  • Great for learning dance inspired fitness
  • Instructors are able to give private lessons


  • Not the best for learners who want to improve their ballet or dance skills
  • Prices for classes can range widely

10. The Best for Ballet: Dancio

  • Full access with monthly subscription Budget to Mid-Range Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Style of Dance: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern
  • Dance Teachers: Professional Ballet Dancers
  • Resources Needed: Medium to large-sized space, optional ballet clothing
  • Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Why we like it

Dancio is the perfect service for any dancer with a little bit of experience who wants to greatly improve their ballet skills.

Complete Review

With a star-studded roster of globally recognized dance instructors, Dancio provides students with high-quality, clearly focused dance classes. A range of styles are available to choose from, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, and modern; most of these courses are offered at the intermediate level, with some beginner and advanced classes available.

This is a great service for dancers with experience, as most of the courses are designed to help dancers build on their skills and improve their overall dancing form. A monthly subscription gets you full access to the recorded classes, and live classes are also available for an additional cost, the prices of which are based on the instructor teaching it.

New dancers or beginner learners may feel a little bit overwhelmed by the content of these classes; most are taught with the idea that students have already had dancing experience. Additionally, while there are several different classes and course styles available, this number is fairly limited compared to other dance services like CLI Studios as the Dancio service continues to grow.


  • Perfect for experienced ballet dancers
  • Great for building on dance skills and improving dance form
  • Full access to all courses included in a monthly subscription
  • Globally-recognized dance instructors


  • Not the best for new dancers or beginner learners
  • Limited number of recorded classes as the site grows


These frequently asked questions often come up when you first start thinking about learning to dance. To help you out, we’ve compiled these questions and their answers in order to put some of your worries to rest.

Anyone, no matter how young or old they are, can learn how to dance. Dancing is about feeling the rhythm of the music and moving to it in a way that feels right to you – there’s a reason dancing is such an integral part of human culture; it is a reflection of human existence and a means of expression.

That being said, these online dance classes can help give you direction and the fundamental knowledge needed to improve your dance skills in your chosen style. As long as you keep practicing and are open to learning new things, you will easily be able to learn to dance, no matter who you are.

You may think that it is impossible to learn how to dance without being in a physical dance studio. However, online dance classes are just as good and in-person, and may even be more suited to your learning style in some cases.

Online dance classes can typically be replayed, paused, and slowed down, so you can get the most out of each lesson without feeling left behind.

If you aren’t too sure about investing in one of these fantastic online dance classes, you can start out learning moves here and there for free. The best places to look for free dance lessons include YouTube and the App Store for free dance apps. You can also follow along with your favorite choreography videos and start trying to mimic the moves – it may seem strange at first, but you’ll be surprised at how fast your skills improve!

Like any other skill, dance is something that you need to understand the basics of before you can start practicing bigger and bolder moves. You can start learning any dance style as a beginner, as long as you start by learning the fundamentals of it and getting those down before working your way up to more complex moves.

If you are a total beginner with dance, we recommend a basics course such as 20 Moves in 20 Days: Beginning Jazz Dance to get you started.

Your Full Guide to Online Dance Classes in 2024

This guide can help you narrow down what type of dance you want to learn and will help you figure out what other dance resources are available to you.

What Do You Want to Get Out of Your Dance Class?

One of the most important questions when it comes to choosing a dance class, is asking yourself what you want to get out of that class. For instance, if you are interested in dance as a way to get in shape, you may want to consider a class from The Ballet Spot. On the other hand, if you are interested in building up your skills in a certain dance style so they are performance ready, you may want to choose a class from the ones at CLI Studios.

Review the proposed outcomes of your favorite courses and select one that matches your personal goals and learning desired, as this will help you find the course best suited to you.

Choosing a Dance Style

If you’re a total beginner to dance or you’re experienced and just want to learn something new, you may be wondering which dance style is the best for you. Simply put, the best style for you is going to be one that inspires you to keep practicing and learning at it. You may have a favorite dancer or other celebrity that has inspired you to dance; starting with the styles that they practice could be a good option. Do research on your favorite songs and choreography and see if any of those styles speak to you.

You can also opt to join a service like Steezy Studios that offers a multitude of different styles to learn, so you can try out the basics of each and pick your favorite.

Your Experience Level

Dancers of all levels can benefit from online dance instruction. When evaluating your experience level, think about the previous exposure you have had to dance; if you haven’t really had any or you have maybe taken a few classes, then you are at a beginner level. If you have had several dance lessons previously or have been dancing for a year, then you are likely intermediate. And if you have a good understanding of the basics of your chosen dance style and have been practicing for more than a year, you are probably in the advanced learning level.

You should try and take courses that match up with your experience level, as this will help you learn efficiently and without feeling lost. That being said, intermediate and advanced dancers can benefit from taking beginner dance courses from time to time, as they can help you improve your fluidity in the fundamentals and make sure your basic skills and strengths stay strong.

Dance Resources Available to You

Once you start learning dance online, you may be wondering if there are spaces besides your home that you can practice. As your skills grow, you will want to practice your moves in front of a mirror; this can be done by renting time in a local dance studio near you to practice your moves, or by installing a large mirror in your home to practice. You can also record yourself and watch the video, analyzing your movements and finding where to improve.

When practicing dance in your home, make sure that you have enough space to move freely and without constraint. You also want to be sure that there is nothing you could potentially knock over or break with an ill-timed twirl. And if you are feeling shy or nervous and learning to dance, don’t be afraid to close the doors to your practice room, wherever it is, until you build up your confidence.

Dance Your Way to a Confident Self

Learning how to dance with online classes can feel awkward at first, especially if you are a total beginner to dance. However, the more you work on your skills and start to build up muscle memory, the more confident you will start to feel with your moves. Learning to dance is a great hobby to have and can improve your fitness, boost your confidence, and give you the needed skills to impress your family and friends on the dance floor.