Increase Your Social Media Following With the Best Social Media Tools and Services 2024

You’ve done it – you’ve nailed your online voice, crafted engaging content, and have put your best self out there on social media – but none of that matters if you don’t have followers to see your work. 

To truly make it as an influencer, you need to build up a passionate and active community as well. But when you’re surrounded by millions of other influencers online, grabbing enough people’s attention can seem impossible, no matter how great your content is.

Don’t worry – that’s where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and put together a curated list of the very best tools to help you find followers and get your accounts the attention they deserve. 

From marketing tools to apps that help you immediately reply to your new followers to designers that can help your content shine even brighter, we’ve got everything you need to help you find the right audience- and keep them engaged.

Read on – and get ready to go viral.




Crowdfire is our favorite app for managing all of your social media accounts in one place. It even features a free version that you can use forever that lets you manage up to three social media accounts (which makes this a great option for someone just starting out). 

While there are many tools that can post to multiple social networks, where Crowdfire really shines is in its tools that help you discover relevant content, add your own take, and format it for all of your social media feeds incredibly quickly.

Any successful influencer will tell you that one of the most important keys to success is posting content regularly. By making this easier and less time-consuming than ever before, Crowdfire can help you put out consistent content without it taking over your entire life. 

It’s a great, convenient way for busy micro-influencers to keep their side hustle going strong until they are ready to go full-time.

ManyChat logo


Engaging your audience is crucial. Unfortunately, in this age of instant gratification, your followers will often expect an immediate response after contacting you. 

Especially when you’re first building your social media following, being around to interact with every single message that comes in is not feasible (after all, you’ve not got a team of assistants on deck –  yet). Thankfully, Manychat helps you provide your followers with a personalized experience, even when you are not around. 

The key to this engagement is Manychat’s advanced chat automation. This allows you to set up a flow that simulates a conversation through direct messages on your favorite social platform. 

Ideal uses for this include reaching out to thank people who follow you or like your posts, handling commonly asked questions, and running contests. Thanks to ManyChat’s powerful automation builder, these ideas are only scratching the surface – get creative with it, and start truly connecting with your audience in no time at all. 


mention logo

When you’re working hard to build a profile online, nothing sucks more than missing conversations where your name or brand is mentioned. Or even discovering it weeks or months later, after it is too late to take advantage of the opportunity. 

That’s where comes in. Even with a free account, Mention monitors the eight most popular social networks for any time your name or brand appears and notifies you instantly.

That way, you’ll always be ready to jump into the conversation, stay active on currently trending topics you’re being included in, and even take the opportunity to get your most recent content out there to people who are actively seeking you out and engaging with you online.


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Even if you have no reason to have a website yet, as an influencer, you are likely to want a place where your fans can see a collection of relevant links about you, find out the best ways to contact you outside of social media, or just learn more about you. 

Whether it’s your other social channels, affiliate links, or links to your brand partners, a Linktree is a perfect place to host as many links as you want without dealing with placement restrictions on social media sites. Even better, the free tier membership lasts forever, with no requirement to upgrade to paid tiers.

It’s a simple, affordable way to make sure your audience has all the information about you they need in one place – after all, you want to make it easy for your followers to follow you!


99Designs Logo

99 Designs

As the influencer marketplace becomes more and more crowded, being able to stand out is harder than ever. That’s why your channel or profile’s graphics are so important. 

But just because you make fantastic videos, post stellar food pics, or write the quippiest tweets, that doesn’t necessarily mean graphic arts are where your skillset shines. And even if you are a Photoshop whiz, creating outstanding graphics can be a full-time job in itself.

Our top pick for custom images is 99 Designs. Unlike standard graphic design services, 99 designs hosts design competitions where lots of artists can submit their work for your consideration.

The result? A much higher quality of artwork and lots of choices that are guaranteed to make your social media profiles pop – and all at an amazing price point. If you see a design close to what you want, 99 designs’ artists are happy to make the revisions once you choose them as the winner of your contest. 

After trying it this way, we think you’ll agree this is far superior to the traditional design process.

canva logo


Have a vision for your graphics, but lack the technical skill to make it happen? Canva has all the features of a much more powerful graphic editor with an incredibly easy-to-use drag and drop interface, so creating graphics can be simple, fast, and even fun.

Canva is ideal for projects like Instagram posts and Youtube cover images. They already have the sizes you need for each platform saved, so you don’t have to constantly be researching or tweaking your graphics to fit (which can save you a load of time and stress).

If you want to take your graphics to the next level, upgrading to Pro gives you access to a huge variety of templates, as well as assets like stock images, for no additional charge – it’s all included in the cost of the subscription. 

Even better, their Pro membership is still significantly cheaper than Adobe’s memberships, but you’ll still be producing graphics that look polished and professional. 

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Perfect for finding writers, video editors, and other creative professionals to help take your creative projects to the next level, Fiverr is the most popular online marketplace for freelance professionals catering to all kinds of businesses. 

It’s also fantastic for any budget, and Fiverr’s payment protection system ensures that your payment isn’t released until you are satisfied with the work. And if you’ve ever fallen victim to scammers or people who misrepresent their skills online, you’ll know what a huge relief this kind of risk-free system is!

There are several other freelancer marketplaces out there, but nothing with the nearly the selection and quality of work you can expect to find at Fiverr. And if you really click with a designer, editor, or writer, you can build up a long-lasting relationship and keep making beautiful content together!

Advice for Growing Your Social Media Following

Now that you’ve got the perfect tools to grow your following, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind to help your community thrive – and be more than just a flash in the pan.

  • Know Your Ideal Audience. You don’t want to target just any followers – you want to make sure you’re seeking out people who will really connect with your content and want to keep coming back to it, day after day. Take some time to really nail down exactly who your ideal audience member is. What’s their age, what do they do for hobbies, what do they hope to get out of following you (advice, entertainment, connection with other followers, etc.)? Once you know this, it’ll be much easier to target your content to the right people and build an audience that will stay with you.
  • Be True to Who You Are. It may be tempting to chase trends and try to nab whatever followers you can from being who you think people want you to be – but this kind of approach can lead you to burning out quickly. Not only will you not be making content you really love, but you’ll constantly have to change your approach and style to match what’s currently “hot.” Plus, people can sense insincerity, and they’re not likely to click with you as deeply – which means they’ll quit following you as quickly as they found you. You can play around with what is new and fresh – just don’t compromise who you really are or what your goals as an influencer are when you do it.
  • Make Sure You Like What You’re Creating. You may know you could make a fortune running a blog that gives advice on home organization – but if your heart lies in making funny videos about Zodiac signs on TikTok, you’re never going to be happy with your blog – no matter how successful it is. Being an influencer gives you a chance to design a career that’s built around your talents, passions, and dreams – don’t turn it into something you don’t love just for the sake of making money or growing a big audience.
  • Keep Up With the Latest Apps. Social media is always evolving and growing, and you’ll want to be one step ahead of the game. Keep an eye on any new social media apps that pop up, and watch for which ones get used by your ideal audience and that would fit well with your content. For instance, a lot of influencers jumped over to Instagram once Reels became a thing, and there are a ton of influencers who regret not jumping into TikTok before it became the massive platform it is today.

Get the Following You Deserve

We know you hustle hard and are putting out the best content you can – don’t let all that work go to waste. With these tools, apps, and sites at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to grow your online presence and build a sustainable community. And after all, what is an influencer if there is no one to influence? 

With these tips and tools, you’ll be ready to get out there and make the internet your own.