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Online Courses Library aims to level you up. Our site offers in-depth reviews about courses from a huge range of disciplines. Whether you’re seeking sought-after accreditation into a high-powered industry, looking to develop a hobby, or hone your talents at a craft, we all know that new skills are the pathways to better, brighter, futures.

The online learning marketplace is changing rapidly. Ever-more sophisticated platforms and ways of interacting with your peers and tutors means that courses today offer unparalleled learning opportunities – it’s just about finding who is maximizing the potential of digital education the best. That’s what we’re here to do.

We find the best practitioners offering the latest information, and evaluate the quality of their courses so that you know you’re in the know.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration, or want to achieve that qualification you’ve always dreamed of, then come into the nest and prepare to unlock your potential.

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Eric Lentz

Ever since he watched "Schoolhouse Rock!" and learned that knowledge is power, Eric Lentz has tried to get more of it. Eric believes that learning is a lifelong process, which is why he enjoys helping others find the courses they need to pick up the skills that they want. For this bio, he learned to write about himself in the third person. He will stop doing that now.

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Featured Editor

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Sebastian Fisher

Seb has taught all over the world as part of his teaching career. Now, as online education becomes more sophisticated and mainstream, he follows the most recent developments in online pedagogy to review the courses that are maximizing the possibilities of digital education. He spends his free time writing poetry, going for long walks, and schooling people at RTS games.

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