Best Online Self-Esteem Classes for Confidence in 2024

People seem to be separated into two categories: those who are confident, happy, and always getting new opportunities, and those who aren’t so fortunate. If you find yourself in the latter category, you may be wondering what you’re lacking. Is confidence something you have to be born with? Is it genetic? How can anyone not tremble at the thought of giving huge public speeches?

As it turns out, confidence and self-esteem are things that can be learned and practiced. Techniques for increasing confidence go beyond imagining everyone in their underwear (though that’s one of our favorite classics!). Just like other skills, however, the process of learning can be tiring.

While you may not need a self-esteem course, finding the right one can give you a jumpstart on your journey to building confidence. Practicing the techniques and tricks taught in the lessons can help you reframe your mind, and soon you won’t bat an eye when you have a social gathering coming up.

Below, we’ll cover the main pillars of support when it comes to finding the perfect self-esteem class. We’ll follow up by exploring the best online options, and then we’ll touch on extra information you’ll need to get started.


Self-esteem is essential when it comes to carrying yourself through the world. It helps you hold your head up high, and it gives you the strength you need to tackle that upcoming project. You use it in both your personal and professional life, but it’s a skill that’s often neglected by many.

After all, no one thinks that they can train their self-esteem to be higher. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Below, we’ll cover some of the biggest factors that distinguish self-esteem courses from each other so that you can find the right one for your needs.


Self-esteem can cover many aspects of life, and all the courses take a different approach when it comes to boosting it. Some might focus on the rules of society that you can follow – and bend – when it comes to boosting esteem. Others may take a more scientific approach backed by psychology to help you view yourself in a better light.

In addition, every course will have its own techniques and tricks. After all, self-esteem can be versatile, and the courses below all hold a certain level of flexibility which reflects that. Depending on your goals and current mindset, certain classes can be a better fit than others, whether it’s due to the material covered or the teaching methods used.


Many of these courses look at different things when it comes to self-esteem. In addition, this is one skill that’s harder to categorize, especially for those used to the traditional beginner vs. advanced model. Instead, you’ll want to focus on the main techniques that a course might have, which we’ve outlined in each review in our comprehensive course list.

Of course, we do recommend that you get exposure to a wide variety of techniques. Building confidence is a holistic process, and you’ll need to have an open mind as you learn. This might mean dabbling in multiple courses or searching for extra learning material outside of the video lectures. If you’re interested in seeing an overview of approaches in learning, you can read more here.

Time and Cost

Self-esteem courses are accessible and in the lower range of the cost spectrum when compared to other online courses. You could find classes as low as $50, and there are rare cases where you’d spend over $200 for a more complete learning experience. After all, these courses don’t necessarily come with certificates, and they’re more for personal development than resume boosters.

In addition, many of these courses are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Even the longest classes will run less than 10 hours, while shorter ones could be fully completed in a single hour. However, this only accounts for the video lengths and doesn’t include the time you’ll need to practice.

Cheat Sheet

Below is a list of some of our favorite online self-esteem courses. We’ve put a quick note for each, so you can jump to any that catches your eye. We’ve tried to include a wide variety of classes so every student may find two or three that fit their needs! However, we do encourage you to read through all of the class summaries.

  1. If you’re just starting to build your confidence and you want a step-by-step guide, Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint serves as a solid booster!
  2. If you know about neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and you’re searching for a course that focuses on those techniques, you’d benefit from the NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program.
  3. If talking to other people fills you with dread, your social skills could improve with help from the Double Your Social Skills and Connect With People course!
  4. If you’re constantly nervous about your boss and you’re ready to change that, you’d benefit from Double Assertiveness, Confidence, and Communication.
  5. If you’re ready to see your self-esteem skyrocket, but you’re too busy for a traditional online class, Reinvent Your Self-Image serves as a quick refresher to get you started!
  6. If you’re just starting with self-esteem and your negative perception of yourself is the main issue, we suggest Self-Love for Beginners to change your introspective thoughts for the better.
  7. If you’re just as concerned about manners as you are about confidence, you’d love the Etiquette: Become Confident in Any Situation course.

cartoon women holding a heart in front of the words “I love myself”

Top 7 Best Online Self-Esteem Classes for Confidence 2024

1. Best Comprehensive Course: Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint

  • 8.5 hours $149.99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Developing inner strength and confidence
  • Instructor: Jimmy Naraine
  • Number of Modules: 10 modules

Why we like it

For any beginning student looking to improve their self-esteem, this course gives a complete overview of dozens of techniques to help them achieve their goal. Rated as one of the best Udemy courses overall, the engaging videos and lectures will boost confidence in no time!

With the Complete Blueprint to Confidence course, you’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to increase your self-esteem. The course covers more nuanced approaches when teaching you how to communicate effectively and gives insight into how to embrace challenges rather than avoid them.

In addition, you’ll see methods for escaping negative spirals while maintaining a winner’s mindset. Through self-talk and practice, you’ll also begin finding validation from within rather than from outside. With dozens of videos and strategies for improving your mentality, this course will have you more self-assured in no time.

The instructor, Jimmy Naraine, has presented these ideas on many prestigious stages, ensuring that students have a positive, well-rounded, and fully fleshed-out course. It’s been featured in many other articles from Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more! With this many people raving about its effectiveness, it serves as a blueprint for developing self-esteem.

Best Suited For

This course is best suited for those who are heavily struggling with their self-image and are willing to dedicate time to improve. After all, this course is one of the longer ones on the list and will require at least a few days to work through. Many of the suggested exercises and assignments are only useful if they’re completed, and a less-driven student may be tempted to skip them.

In addition, the course itself was the recipient of the first Udemy Innovation Award. It’s known for being easy to follow, and the lessons themselves are intriguing. It’s creative, entertaining, and can easily capture the attention of any student who’s willing to learn. As long as you have the time and an open mindset, this course can benefit you.

Techniques Mentioned

Some of the more nuanced techniques used in this course include developing a personal elevator pitch to strengthen introductions and stimulate conversations. In addition, students will learn how meditation can help with self-esteem, and they will get a first-hand look at the “phone” technique, which can help in everyday scenarios.

2. Best for Practical Techniques: The NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program

  • 9.5 hours $64.99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Neuro-Linguistic Programming principles
  • Instructor: Kain Ramsay
  • Number of Modules: 3 modules

Why we like it

Psychology can become very abstract, but Kain Ramsay’s NLP course teaches students practical methods to incorporate what they’ve learned. With dozens of unconventional techniques built from applied psychological theory, your confidence will skyrocket in no time!

Our Review

As another in-depth confidence course, this one focuses on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles to help increase feelings of self-value. It boasts methods that can work for both personal and professional relationships as it improves self-esteem in all aspects of someone’s life.

The course itself aims to help with character growth and maturity, particularly when it comes to someone’s emotional states. It takes a deeper dive into what drives fears, anxiety, and other destructive feelings to help students get a better understanding of what they can do to thrive. In addition, each lesson has practical advice that students can start incorporating instantly.

The instructor is Kain Ramsay, an international bestselling author on this topic. As someone who has focused on mental health for two decades, he’s been refining the best ways to incorporate psychological principles of well-being into practical, day-to-day life. He’s also a co-founder of Achology, which aims to refine online learning, making his experience as a teacher invaluable.

Best Suited For

The course is structured similarly to an in-person class, encouraging higher engagement with the material. As such, this is suitable for motivated students who are looking to make strong improvements in their own self-perception for the better. The techniques work best on those who are open to learning and spending time on the class, in addition to a willingness to test out the techniques.

However, this is the longest course on our list. If you’re looking for shorter courses, Reinvent Your Self-Image offers a concise overview for confidence-boosting in less than an hour! Otherwise, students who do have time will find themselves benefiting from the in-depth videos in this course.

Techniques Mentioned

The most important technique that this course focuses on is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This involves studying the patterns and habits of successful individuals before applying the same lessons to someone else’s personal life. It’s very practical, focusing on the best ways to incorporate these beneficial ideas as easily as possible.


  • Focuses on Neuro-Linguistic Programming principles
  • Offers many practical techniques that are easy to incorporate into daily life
  • Class is structured to increase student engagement
  • The instructor has experience in mental health and teaching
  • Helps develop a healthy way to view fears


  • The longest course on this list

3. Best for Social Confidence: Double Your Social Skills and Connect With People

  • 7 hours $129.99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Social skills and development
  • Instructor: Jimmy Naraine
  • Number of Modules: 9 modules

Why we like it

If you’re struggling to make conversation with those around you, this Jimmy Naraine course has you covered! Focusing on conversational skills, public speaking, and more, it aims to improve someone’s confidence and social abilities in a professional and personal environment.

Talking with people can be one of the hardest parts of your day – if you don’t know where to start. However, Jimmy Naraine’s social skills course helps students develop their confidence, even when they’re surrounded by others. It gives techniques on how to start conversations with strangers, a skill that can help in a personal and professional setting.

You’ll get insight into how to get rid of approval-seeking behavior that might turn others away. In addition, you’ll get a deeper look into how to read body language and consciously position your own body to keep a welcoming air about yourself. In addition, it comes with a 23-page book that gives a blueprint for how to improve one’s social abilities.

The instructor, Jimmy Naraine, has previously won the Udemy Innovation Award for his classes in confidence. His extensive background in teaching makes the lessons engaging and fun. If you’re looking for another course by the same instructor that takes a more holistic approach to increasing confidence, you may enjoy Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint.

Best Suited For

This course is best suited for those who find that their social skills lacking. For any introverts or people suffering from social anxiety, the tips from the lessons may help them understand where their fears come from, and how to best mitigate them. In addition, with a focus on speaking, it can be good for those who are often required to give presentations and public talks.

However, this course doesn’t focus on many other topics besides the social aspect of confidence and self-esteem. For students who are looking to improve their self-esteem in every aspect of their life, we recommend that they check out the Become Confident in Any Situation course for an approach that covers more areas.

Techniques Mentioned

A large part of this course deals with self-reflection and introspection. While many other courses don’t have outside requirements, this one does. The instructor recommends that students keep a journal where they write down the results of what happens when they incorporate the lessons taught in each module. Through self-reflection and journaling, it aims to give a steady boost to someone’s social confidence.


  • Gives advice on how to start conversations with anyone
  • Offers lessons on public speaking
  • Comes with a book that summarizes lessons
  • Winner of the Udemy Innovation Award
  • Encourages self-reflection through journaling


  • Doesn’t focus on other aspects of confidence outside of social interaction
  • Requires a journal and time for assignments

4. Best for Self-Esteem in Business: Double Assertiveness, Confidence, and Communication

  • 2 hours $99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Business communication and feedback processing
  • Instructor: Alain Wolf
  • Number of Modules: 1 module

Why we like it

The office can be a stressful place, and it’s always difficult to articulate ideas clearly when your boss walks into the room. This course gives a comprehensive look at how to boost your confidence in the workplace so you can stand up for your own ideas.

Our Review

In the business world, it’s easy to be intimidated by bosses, CEOs, and more. You may have created the perfect presentation, only to find yourself stumbling through the slides. If you’re struggling with professional interactions, this course is perfect for ironing out those smaller details. You’ll find the top techniques for boosting your self-image when you’re in the workplace.

This course takes a deeper look at how to be assertive without being rude. It includes learning how to say no to others, defending yourself from criticism, and being more confident in your abilities as an employee. After all, you were hired for a reason! When it comes to confrontation with coworkers, standing your ground can be just as important as compromise.

The instructor, Alain Wolf, is a best-selling author and an experienced transformational coach. His writings have been featured in over 300 newspapers, shows, magazines, and more. In addition, he’s delivered hundreds of trainings all around the globe when it comes to professional development. This makes him a strong coach when it comes to finding that confidence boost you need.

Best Suited For

This course is best suited for those who find themselves struggling in the office. Whether it’s working out how to give a solid presentation or standing up for ideas, the lessons cover how to speak your mind in a polite and respectful manner. If you’re looking for ways to stand out among your coworkers for your innovative ideas, this is a good place to start.

However, the course itself focuses solely on confidence in a business environment. If you’re looking for a more holistic approach that concentrates on several areas of self-esteem development, we recommend you try the NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program instead.

Techniques Mentioned

A large part of this course focuses on ways to facilitate interpersonal relationships between those you work with. This involves handling criticism, receiving negative feedback, defending ideas, and offering advice to others. It’s very focused on business matters, unfortunately. As a result, you won’t find as many techniques involving positive self-talk.


  • Gives an in-depth approach to confidence in the workplace
  • Teaches how to deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Shows examples of polite ways to stand up for yourself
  • Gives practical advice for being aggressive without being rude
  • The instructor has extensive experience in transformational coaching


  • Focused on the business side of confidence
  • Doesn’t give many details on positive self-talk

5. Best Short Self-Esteem Booster: Reinvent Your Self-Image

  • 39 minutes $94.99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Self-image and vision
  • Instructor: Rohit Sethi
  • Number of Modules: 7 modules

Why we like it

If you’re constantly searching for ways to improve your self-esteem, but you don’t have time for a 10-hour class, this course is perfect for you! Taking less than an hour, Rohit covers the essentials to confidence in many bite-sized lessons.

Our Review

It can be difficult to find the time to sit through a long course that seems to drag on. If you’re working in a busy environment, you may enjoy a shorter course packed with advice on improving your self-image. This class by Rohit doesn’t have any fluff, as it gets straight to the point in under an hour!

The course gives you an idea of how to reach a target self-image and view regrets in a more positive light. It deals specifically with motivation and the sense of achievement to push students to work harder than before. By the end of the class, all students will have an idea of the path they need to take to achieve their targeted confidence levels.

The instructor, Rohit Sethi, is both a results coach and a business consultant. He’s published two self-improvement books and has studied hundreds of seminars and self-help books to compile the most important information from each.

Best Suited For

While his lectures may not be as engaging as the ones in Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint, they’re concise, dense, and full of useful information. This may be good for students who don’t have much time to dedicate to a class and want something shorter to listen to over the weekend.

The course itself is also split into many lessons, and each one is short enough to repeat if needed. This way, you won’t have to go digging through the class to find the one piece of information you forgot. However, since the class itself is shorter, it won’t be as in-depth as other classes such as the NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program.

Techniques Mentioned

The main techniques in this course involve visualizing the ideal self-image. Students are asked to come up with their own goals for how confident they would like to be. The act of visualization serves as a powerful motivator for driven students, but it may be more difficult for students who aren’t as sure about their goals.


  • Focuses on reaching the ideal self-image
  • Short and concise lectures get to the point
  • Lessons can be easily re-watched and listened to
  • Perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time for longer courses


  • The course doesn’t cover many topics as in-depth as others

6. Best for Self-Love: Self-Love for Beginners

  • 1 hour $99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Self-love and acceptance
  • Instructor: Denice Rosanne
  • Number of Modules: 1 module

Why we like it

Self-esteem can be tricky to boost, but most of it can be drawn from a strong foundation of self-love. In this course, Denice does just that, as she focuses on establishing the foundations for a positive attitude towards the student’s self-perception.

Our Review

When it comes to boosting self-esteem, learning self-love and acceptance is an essential step of the process. That’s why this course focuses solely on this aspect, so you can learn to feel comfortable with yourself. It covers the very foundations to start the journey to gaining confidence and happiness. It focuses on the mindset and attitude of the individual, priming them for other self-esteem courses.

The class itself is on the shorter side, so you can sit through all the lessons in an afternoon. In addition, it starts with basic premises, so you won’t need to worry about being overwhelmed with information. You’ll learn how to adjust your attitude to be more loving towards yourself, and you’ll find ways to seek out positives even during your darkest times.

The instructor is Denice Rosanne, a self-love and spiritual coach who specializes in kindness and positivity. She draws inspiration from personal challenges that she’s overcome. You can also benefit from her YouTube videos and podcasts, which are free of charge – these are meant to supplement the lessons learned in the course.

Best Suited For

This course is best suited for those who are just starting their journey to boost their confidence. The material covered only scrapes the surface of acceptance, however, and some students may find themselves wanting more information and techniques. If you are looking for a more in-depth course, you may appreciate the NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program.

In addition, the course itself focuses on finding personal strength from within. However, it won’t cover techniques for interacting with others. If you are looking for ways to boost confidence in conversation, you may enjoy Double Your Social Skills and Connect With People.

Techniques Mentioned

The primary techniques in this course include mitigating self-doubt and learning to work around negative thoughts that arise. It includes several short exercises and easy steps that anyone can take to start feeling better about themselves. In addition, it focuses on helping students create a more positive self-image.


  • Includes several short exercises for practice
  • Short enough to finish in a single day
  • The instructor has extra YouTube videos and podcasts to learn from
  • Establishes a positive self-image for the student


  • Doesn’t cover social aspects of confidence

7. Best for Self-Esteem and Etiquette: Etiquette: Become Confident in Any Situation

  • 5.5 hours $49.99 Our rating  
  • Course Highlights
  • Area of Focus: Etiquette, manners, and confidence
  • Instructor: Vincent Vermeulen
  • Number of Modules: 6 modules

Why we like it

If your lack of confidence stems from a fear of overstepping, this course helps you push your bounds. With an extensive overview of etiquette in the 21st century, you’ll feel extra confident during your next interview or fancy dinner event!

Our Review

When it comes to confidence, a common fear is overstepping. After all, when does confidence translate into arrogance? When can high self-esteem result in aggressiveness? If you’re worried about going too far, this course teaches you about the laws of etiquette – and just how far your confidence can take you without being rude.

The course itself doesn’t focus on self-image or introspection as much. Rather, it aims to give students an overview of what’s expected of them in every situation so they can have confidence no matter the activity. This can range from how they present themselves to how they might handle themselves in a dinner situation.

The instructor of this course is Vincent Vermeulen, from Hospitality Tutors, a group of service professionals that specialize in lifestyle courses. With a strong understanding of body language and communication, they approach confidence in a different light compared to other courses.

Best Suited For

This course is best suited to those who already have a solid sense of self-esteem. After all, it mentions some limitations for what you should and shouldn’t do, so it’s not as suitable for those who are just starting their confidence-boosting journey. Rather, if you fall in this category, you may benefit from a shorter course such as Self-Love for Beginners.

However, this course could be perfect for anyone who wants to make sure they don’t intrude on society’s etiquette laws. The course itself is also rather affordable and is one of the most cost-effective on our list! With hours of lessons, you’d definitely get your money’s worth.

Techniques Mentioned

The main techniques include a strong understanding of etiquette and protocol, both in a professional and personal setting. For example, you’ll get advice on email and telephone etiquette so you can be more confident when you’re communicating with coworkers. You’ll also receive specific tips to help boost confidence during job interviews.


  • Covers tips for emails and phone calls
  • Gives advice for presentation during job interviews
  • One of the most affordable courses


  • Students need to have a base level of confidence before starting
  • Focuses too much on etiquette and not enough on building confidence


Self-esteem courses gather up many sources of information in a concise and digestible format, making them worthwhile to look into. While you can find many free resources, these courses simplify the process and help you get a boost on your self-esteem journey.

When you start the course, you can see results within days of implementing the techniques! However, boosting self-esteem often requires reframing your mindset and approach to thinking, so it could take months (or even years) of practice and work before you’re satisfied with your position.

Self-esteem is essential to thriving in your personal and professional world. Higher self-esteem can give you the confidence to reach for the next promotion, and it can help you interact better with friends as well. It’s a win-win!

Extra Credit

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best online self-esteem courses that we could find, let’s take a deeper look at what you can do to get the most out of your lessons. Just like with any other skills you might learn, having an open and positive mindset is key to success!

What You Need to Succeed

Self-esteem courses have a low barrier to entry. Besides a computer and time to focus on the class, you’re fully set! They’re not like traditional courses, so you won’t have to worry about textbooks and software. However, it may be beneficial to keep a journal throughout your class so you can reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and progress as you test out the techniques mentioned.

Difficulty in Online Learning

When it comes to learning online, engagement and determination can be difficult to sustain. After all, you won’t have a timeline, and there’s no pressure for you to finish the course on time. It’s far too easy to just push your class off for one week, or two, until you realize you’ve gone a month without visiting your lectures!

You could avoid this problem by searching for courses with engaging instructors and lessons. For example, you may benefit from watching lectures from Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint, a course where the instructor is recognized for being entertaining.

In addition, you’ll also need to focus on ways you can practice, which brings us to our next point.

Practice the Techniques Learned

When you listen to the instructor explain the technique, it can be easy to think, “that makes sense. I don’t need to actually do that.” However, students find that it is far more effective when they follow their instructor’s lessons to a T.

If the instructor gives examples of positive pep talks in the mirror in the mornings, listening to him/her do it won’t help. However, the act of following through and doing it yourself will work wonders for your self-esteem.

Often, the tips are small enough for you to easily incorporate into your next conversation or daily routine. This is where the journal comes in handy. After trying the techniques, keep a log of how you’re starting to view yourself, and you’ll find yourself tracking your fast progress as you boost confidence!

Course Approaches to Teaching

Self vs Others

Some courses focus on self-love and self-image, while others focus on interacting with the outside world. Neither is more important, and it’s necessary to master both when dealing with confidence. Often, we recommend that students learn about personal growth in self-esteem before focusing on social growth and external factors.

For example, Double Your Social Skills and Connect With People is suited to interactions with others, while Self-Love for Beginners is focused on interactions with yourself.

Emotional vs Scientific Approach

Some courses are rooted in an emotional approach, asking students to visualize their goals and imagine the feeling of achieving them. Others take a more scientific approach, giving methods backed by experiments that can help raise confidence. While having a mix of both courses is beneficial, the best one for you ultimately comes down to your personality.

For example, are you more motivated by emotions or logic? Those focused on emotional approaches will likely enjoy Reinvent Your Self-Image, while those who want a psychology-backed approach may prefer NLP Confidence and Self-Esteem Program.

Personal vs Business

Self-esteem is important for the personal relationships you hold with friends and family. However, it’s just as essential to master in the business world as well, from communicating with coworkers to talking with your boss. Depending on where you feel your confidence is most lacking, you may want to pick a course that focuses on your weaknesses.

If you’re looking more to increase self-esteem for personal benefit, you’d gain a lot from Double Your Confidence – Complete Blueprint. However, those looking to improve their business ventures would want to study Double Assertiveness, Confidence, and Communication.

Parting With Confidence

Now that we’ve gone over all the details, you need to find the best self-esteem course for yourself! It’s time to part ways so that you can embark on your journey to gaining more confidence, learning to go beyond just surviving and thrive. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your self-image or trying to speak up more in the workplace, there’s certainly a self-esteem course out there that can help you accomplish just that!