Free Online Makeup Courses With Certificates

Learning how to apply makeup could be something you are interested in for fun, or maybe you are thinking about making a career out of makeup artistry. Either way, you need somewhere to start from, and an online makeup course is a great place to begin your journey into the world of makeup artistry.

Below, we give you more information about makeup artists and give you a list of free online makeup courses with certificates that can you get you started with makeup artistry education.

What Do Makeup Artists Do?

Makeup artists are cosmetology professionals that apply makeup to individuals for a variety of reasons, such as weddings, events, tv shows, theatre performances, and even everyday life.

Makeup artists have an understanding of how different aspects of makeup application work and they tailor their makeup approaches to highlight their client’s natural features and enhance their beauty to achieve a specific desired effect.

Makeup artists are especially sought-after when it comes to bridal makeup, special events, and tv or movie sets where flawless makeup is needed so every individual looks their best.

How Much Do Makeup Artists Earn Annually?

Makeup artists typically make an annual salary of $30,000, with makeup artists that specialize in theatrical and special event makeup typically earning more than this annual wage each year. Freelance makeup artists may also earn more than this average depending on their clients and experience in the community.

Do I Need a Certificate to Be a Makeup Artist?

You might not necessarily need a certificate to be a makeup artist. However, having some proof of the makeup artistry education you received is often helpful in securing jobs or clients, especially if you are a freelance makeup artist.

In most states, you will need to receive a license before you are allowed to practice as a makeup artist if you are planning on working in a salon or spa.

Review the licensure requirements of your specific state to find out which additional education certifications or exams you might need to take before you receive your license to practice.

Free Online Makeup Courses With Certificates

The following free online makeup courses with certificates are a great place to start your makeup artistry education. Whether you are interested in making makeup artistry your career, or if you just want to learn more about applying makeup, there’s something here for you.

Diploma in Makeup Artistry

The Diploma in Makeup Artistry is hosted by, an online learning platform, and published by a company called CourseFlix.

The diploma is fairly comprehensive and gives you background information on makeup artistry and cosmetics before discussing important topics in makeup artistry. These topics include the application of cosmetics and how to keep work areas sanitary. The diploma is great for beginners or individuals that need pointers in all aspects of makeup artistry.

Learn Makeup & Nails Online Course

Many makeup artists also specialize in nail care and skincare. If you believe this is the route you want to take with your career, UpSkillist’s Makeup & Nails Online Course is the thing for you. This course does have a price, but if you sign up for the website and utilize the free trial, you can complete this course for free.

Bridal Makeup Workshop

Bridal makeup is an essential skill for many makeup artists. This course hosted by covers both the application of bridal makeup and how to run a bridal makeup business.

This course is a great choice for individuals who may already have some experience with makeup artistry and want to learn more about bridal makeup to enhance their careers or skillset.

Beginner Makeup Artistry Course

For beginners new to makeup artistry, Bela Beauty College’s makeup artistry course is a great place to start learning everything you need to know about this profession. No previous experience is needed to start this certificate course, and step-by-step videos are complemented by online text guides to help you with every step of the learning process.

YouTube Courses

YouTube courses and classes are a great free way to learn more about makeup artistry. We recommend YouTube courses in makeup artistry for individuals that are interested in running a home business or freelancers looking to brush up on specific skills.

Just remember to use videos from trusted sources to learn, and always practice your skills before starting to offer makeup services to clients.

FAQs About Online Makeup Courses

brunette woman holding makeup brushes

Review our answers to the following questions about online makeup courses to learn more about these education methods and decide whether or not online makeup courses are the right option for your needs.

Do I Need Training to Be a Freelance Makeup Artist?

Becoming a freelance makeup artist doesn’t technically need any kind of formal education. It does help to have completed a few college classes or received some certifications in the field of makeup artistry, though. These items will help clients feel more at ease and trust in your skills, something that can bring you business and help your freelance makeup artistry business grow.

If you are interested in working at a salon or spa, you will most likely need a license in your state. Working in a salon is something that requires formal training or a cosmetologist education before you are legally allowed to practice.

Do Makeup Artists Need to Be Licensed?

Professional makeup artists that wish to work in salons, spas, or as part of any event company or theatre production will most likely need to be licensed in the state they wish to practice.

States do have varying requirements for cosmetologist licenses. Double-check the regulations that your state sets for makeup artists to learn more about the specific steps you need to take.

How Can I Get a Job as a Makeup Artist?

Getting a job as a makeup artist involves obtaining the education or licenses and certifications you need to legally practice in your state. Once you have these, you can apply at salons or spas, or you can start the process of opening your own makeup artistry business.

Freelance makeup artists often use social media and other campaigns to find clients, traveling to their event space or homes to apply makeup.

Are Free Training Courses Enough to Be Professional?

If you are strictly applying makeup for clients, free training courses and self-studying may be enough to allow you to practice as a professional makeup artist or a freelance makeup artist. Always check with your state to see if there are additional requirements for practicing as a makeup artist; obtain licenses and education as necessary to ensure your practice is professional.

What Supplies Do I Need as a Makeup Artist?

Oftentimes, makeup artists will bring their own supplies to the salons or spas they work at. Freelance makeup artists will also need a wide range of tools and cosmetic products to carry to their client’s homes or events.

We suggest obtaining a reliable set of brushes, brush cleaners, and a wide range of basic makeup products in all colors and suited for all skin tones to get started. As you gain more experience working as a makeup artist, you’ll learn more about what products you might need specifically and grow your collection of supplies.

Where Can I Learn More About Being a Makeup Artist?

If you are set on having a career as a makeup artist, you can reach out to beauty schools or professional makeup artists in your area. Many of the individuals in these locations are happy to speak with you about the realities of being a makeup artist and how you can obtain an education and a steady career in this field.

Pursuing Education Within Your Budget

Whether you’re changing careers or simply want to learn more about makeup artistry without breaking the bank, free online makeup courses with certificates are a great place to start.

The courses on our list offer a range of beginner makeup artistry lessons. They’ll help you understand more about cosmetics and the best makeup application processes so you can obtain the education you need within your budget.