Online Lash Course: Obtaining Your Eyelash Technician Education

Starting a career as an eyelash technician is something that many individuals may want to pursue. After all, this career is rewarding as you help clients achieve their desired look and work with individuals to help them feel their best with eyelash applications.

An online lash course can be a great way to start your education for this career or to help you pick up a new hobby, but you might be overwhelmed by the many different options out there. Our guide gives you some of the best online lash course options so you can easily make an informed decision about which course to take.

What Do Eyelash Technicians Do?

Eyelash technicians are a type of beauty specialist who apply artificial eyelashes to a client’s eyes. Because this work is so close to the eyes, it must be completed with precision and professionalism to prevent harmful issues and to ensure that the eyelashes look natural.

Eyelash technicians may also specialize in other forms of cosmetology such as nail care and skin care, but this depends on an individual’s education and licensing.

Do I Need a License to Be an Eyelash Technician?

In most states, eyelash technicians will need to receive a license as a cosmetologist or an esthetician before they are legally allowed to practice on clients. This goes for individuals that want to start their own lash business as a freelancer, or individuals that wish to work in a salon or spa.

States do have differing requirements on the education and exams you need to complete before a license is received. So, make sure you consult these requirements before deciding on an online lash course or another education option.

Your Options for Online Lash Courses

The following options for online lash courses have a range of prices, and some of the courses do offer certifications. Review the details of each online lash course to see which option might be the best for your eyelash technician education needs.

Udemy Complete Eyelash Extension Training

The Udemy complete eyelash extension training is a great starting point for any individual who wants to learn the basics of eyelash extension application. All kinds of eyelash application styles are covered in the course, including information about applying bottom lashes.

The course also gives some business tips, which is very helpful for individuals who are looking to start their own business.

One drawback of this course is that it doesn’t seem to be very intensive. So, if you aren’t a beginner or you are looking for a long course with lots of extensive eyelash education, this might not be the best choice for you.

The Lash Professional Lash Extension Certification

The Lash Professional Lash Extension Certification course is a comprehensive course for beginners and those who might already have some experience with lash extension applications. The course includes options for learning about all different kinds of eyelash applications, and it includes a starter kit and assistance from lash professionals to help guide you through the course.

However, this course doesn’t contain business tips, so you will need to complete a separate course for that if it is something you are interested in pursuing.

Bella Lash Online Certification

The Bella Lash Online Certification is a simple eyelash extension training course that gives you essential information about everything an eyelash technician would need to know. Multiple styles of eyelash extensions are covered, and there is an option for hands-on training to help you gain experience and skills.

A training kit is provided with certain course types. You may need to enroll in additional training options and purchase other training items separately depending on your education goals and training needs.

Zada Classic Lash Masterclass

The Classic Lash Masterclass provided by Zada is a comprehensive fundamentals course that aims to teach students about all of the essentials of eyelash extension application. The course comes with a full certification, a 113-page manual, and 40 video modules to help you excel with your eyelash extension education.

This course only covers class lash extensions; there are different courses available for different types of eyelash extension applications.

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli

Jo Mousselli’s Xtreme Lashes course utilizes a trainer-led course module to create four days of extensive eyelash training.

The trainer will guide you through all of the information of the course and advise the best practices for eyelash extension application. That makes this course a great choice for individuals who need more guided and hands-on aspects in their eyelash extension training.

However, this course might not be the best choice for someone who needs to study at their own pace and wants constant access to online course materials. You will need to study within the four-day window of the course.

Lash Affair Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Lash Affair’s Classic Eyelash Extension course is another highly comprehensive training course that covers all of the essentials of becoming an eyelash technician.

You have the option of enrolling in the course only, or you can enroll in the course and receive a kit of supplies. You can also add a 2-hour Google Meet with a professional trainer to go over the material in the course.

It’s important to note that payments for this course are non-refundable, which makes it essential to be sure about the course you wish to purchase before enrolling.

FAQs About Online Lash Courses

beautician choosing artificial eyelashes for client

As you consider online lash courses, you may have several questions and concerns. Review our answers to commonly frequently asked questions about online lash courses to find essential information about learning to be an eyelash technician online.

Do I Need to Complete a Lash Certification Course?

If you are interested in making a career out of being an eyelash technician, you may need to complete a certification course. It will all depend on what your state’s requirements are for education and licensing, so make sure you look into that.

If you are simply interested in lash application as a hobby, you might not need an official certification. This is especially if you are not planning to secure a job as an eyelash technician or sell your services.

Are Online Lash Courses Worth It?

Online lash courses can be very worth it depending on the course you are taking and what your specific education needs are.

It’s important to review the pros and cons of each online lash course you are considering so you know exactly what is included in the course and what your learning outcomes may be.

Online lash courses are especially helpful for individuals who are looking to switch careers, but may not necessarily have the time or budget to attend classes in person.

Where Can I Get Additional Lash Education?

Once you have completed a few online courses, you might wonder if you can complete certification programs, or even get some practice in as an eyelash technician.

We recommend seeking out a local beauty school to guide you in the direction of the next steps when it comes to education, licensing, or exams that you might need to complete.

You can also work with a local beauty school or eyelash technician education program to intern with a salon. This will help you learn the tricks of the trade while you complete any education requirements that you need to meet.

How Do I Get a Job as an Eyelash Technician?

If you want to get a job as an eyelash technician either as a freelancer or working in a salon, you will most likely need to get licensed.

State requirements for individuals wishing to work as an eyelash technician do vary, so it’s important to stay up to date with your state’s education requirements. Be sure to stay on top of licensing and certification requirements so that you can secure a job in your location and practice as an eyelash technician without issue.

Obtaining the Eyelash Technicians Education You Need

Obtaining an education as an eyelash technician doesn’t need to be difficult, and online courses are often a great way to pick up a new skill or get the education you need to start a new career.

If you are interested in working as an eyelash technician, review our selection of some of the most popular online lash courses. They’ll help you gain the education you need and get you started preparing for your career as an eyelash technician.